From the fake news that dominates the headlines to the political spins by political leaders.


ep 104. Alex Jones Special Event!

We are having a little bit different show today!After the interview with Alex Jones on the News Rocky show last week, now News Rocky is a guest on InfoWars!We covered everything from Nancy Pelosi, the 25th Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, and much more!Find out what are the reasons for shutting down the platforms of Alex Jones in this special episode!Get in the ring with News Rocky!


Do you believe everything you see in the media? Are you ready to hear the real truth? 

Each week from Monday to Friday, the News Rocky host is focused on creating quality, thought-provoking content that inspires, educated, and engages his audience. 
From the fake news that dominates the headlines to the political spins by political leaders, he is fighting the fake news for you and American freedom. 



ep 104. Alex Jones Special Event!

We are having a little bit different show today!After the interview with Alex Jones on the News Rocky show last week, now News Rocky is a guest on InfoWars!We covered everything from Nancy Pelosi, the 25th Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, and much more!Find out what are the reasons for shutting down the platforms of Alex Jones in this special episode!Get in the ring with News Rocky!

ep 103. Stormy Daniels Interview!

In the ring today - Stormy Daniels! Yes, you are right!
We talked with our very, very special guest on several topics - what is going on currently with Stormy Daniels, how was it on her "ride of a lifetime", about her childhood, as well on her entrepreneurial experience with the CBD world.
Take a listen to a real story of a real person!
You are going to hear something that you have never heard before in any of her interviews!
Don't miss this one!

ep 102. News Rocky talks with Blue Collar Democrat from CT, Joe de la Cruz

An interesting interview with an old friend and colleague, the Blue Color Politician from CT Joe de la Cruz, 41st state Representative.We often disagree on a lot of topics, as you are going to hear through this episode, but our passion that we put in doing good for the people is the same! Get in the ring with News Rocky and Joe!

ep 101. Sparring with Abe

With us again on the show, from the West Coast - TikTok star Abe @wontbesilent!
We want to hear from his perspective, what he's got to say on some political issues going on in this country!
Get in the ring!


ep 100. Covid Update from a real New Yorker

We are bringing you some stimulating conversation about COVID with a real New Yorker. His experiences, his family and friend's experiences, and what they suffering under government Quomo in the NY state.
We mentioned government Quomo several times, but this time we are going to hear from the man on the hot spot!
Our guest, the host of Freedom on deck, Chet Martin.
Let's get down and dirty with News Rocky!

ep 99. Activist Tim Reilly

We are having a really cool guest today - Tim Reily. He was a carpenter, who turned into a government accountability activist here in Connecticut.
He has some amazing affiliations across the country with other activists.
He is going to share his stories about his fights here in Connecticut and abroad.
Stay in the ring with News Rocky today!

ep 98. 2nd Amendment Under Attack

We are discussing the 2nd Amendment on today's show. I am a huge proponent and supporter of the 2nd Amendment. The fact that we have the right to bear arms is an important part of our Constitutional rights, but it is also infringed by our 1st Amendment rights.
Why are the 2nd Amendment's rights are so important and more on News Rocky today!
Tune in!

ep 97. The Lying AOC

One of my favorite socialists as the topic of the day - AOC. We'll be talking about her claims of the riots and how she feared for her life. We will be also comparing all these different issues between Corporate media and how you can find different news on different portals.
What happened to the journalism? I think that it is dead.
Make sure you stay in the ring!

ep 96. Addiction during COVID

The topic of this episode is very simple - it's the one that we often hear about, but we didn't often talk about, especially in this COVID time that we are live in, like it was over the past few years. The opioid issue that faced great challenges to this country, the addiction issue, as well the mental health issues, are obviously growing.
We had great guests - Ana Gopoian and Ceci Monaco Iliff, and we went through all of these very important topics with them on News Rocky today!
This is an eye-opening episode where we all learned that there are a lot of people who need our help.
Tune in!



Today's show is really special!We have very special guests, who don't need a special announcement, their names are enough - Alex Jones from Infowars and his attorney - Norm Pattis.
We are getting down and dirty!
Don't miss this one!

ep 94. Norm Pattis, Alex Jones' Attorney, in the Ring Today!

We are privileged to have on our show a super special guest today - Norm Pattis, a world-known attorney!
We talked about his amazing cases throughout his big career, got his opinion on current events in our State, and much more!
Check us out and stay in the ring!

ep 93. Cancel Culture Black History Month

With us today special guest - Kysim Lamaur.We talked with Kysim about what Black History means to him, during this February, Black History Month, and about the politics!Stay in the ring!

ep 92. Calling Out the Lightweights

In today's episode, we are going to talk about a couple of my favorite lightweights of the year.
As far as I am concerned, these two men have made terrible decisions - one is an entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, who decided that Mavericks' won't play the National Anthem, and the other one is a politician, Joe Biden with one of the most current executive orders - a law proposition which would allow a young man who wants to identify as a young woman to compete in sports against females.
Let's get in the ring, guys!

ep 91. Is Joe Biden responsible for the destruction of the African American Community?

We have a special guest today - CEO and co-owner of Citizens Opposite to the Police States - G. D'Juan Eastman
News Rocky is fully endorsing our police, but we are open to a healthy conversation like this one!
Stay in the ring!


ep 90. Senator Heather Somers report From Hartford

Our very special guest with us today - Senator Heather Somers, serving her third term in the 18th Senate district.
We had an amazing talk with the only female Senator in Hartford!
Check us out!

ep 89. Wake Up America!!!!

In today's show, we are going to talk about some current events going on in this nation.
We are going to talk about Washington, DC, the insider's games that are going on, is Jor Biden gathering the same team as Barack Obama, and much more!
Get in the ring with News Rocky!

ep 88. Update From Anne Dauphinais, CT State Representative

I had one amazing conversation with one of my favorite people, Anne Dauphinais, CT State Representative. She is on her third term in Hartford, fighting for the people of Connecticut. Anne updated us on a situation in the State of Connecticut and much more!Get in the ring with News Rocky!

ep 87. What Influenced the Influencer

Today's show is going to be quite interesting - we have a special guest from across the country - Abe Gurko (@wontbesilent) from California.
We were talking about all the topics of the day, the political situation in this country, the divide in this country...
We got some thoughts from the folks that really don't agree with the News Rocky concept, but we are here to have a respectful conversation!
Tune in!

ep 86. Suppress the PRESS Rant!

We are doing a recap of all the breaking news, starting with the tragic news that is coming from Florida, the impeachment trial, the executive orders, the current affairs that are happening in Washington, DC... all that and much more on today's News Rocky show!
Stay in the ring!


ep 85. The Donald Pays Supporters?

Today's episode is about recognizing the month of February as something very special across this country - Black History Month. So, this month we are going to have as a guest a lot of my friends and have them talk about what this month means to them.
Today's special guest - Tywan Jenkins. We talked about a very serious issue in our country - a racial divide and what is it like to be a black man in America, and much more.
Make sure you stay in the ring!

ep 84. Executive Orders and Cancel Culture

We talked about current events, Joe Biden, cancel culture, COVID, what is happening with the economy, what is fake and what is not, and we covered a little bit about the impeachment trial!
Tune in and find out what News Rocky has to say!

ep 83. If you didn't vote for Biden then "You Ain't Black!"

In today's episode, we have a very special guest. We talked about the statement that Corporate Media is pushing every day - "If you voted for Trump, you can't be black". Our guest's name is Kysim Lamaur.
We had an amazing talk, take a listen!
On News Rocky, we love to have a conversation that people are running away from! Stay in the ring!

ep 82. News Rocky talks to an Anonymous source about Government Conspiracy

We had an anonymous caller with whom we talked about the deepest and darkest secrets that are going on in American Government today facing the people. We talked about the elections, about the speculations about the Epstein case that is going with Maxwell, and much more.
Today's guest is a very important individual, he has a rich background, and because of that, we need to protect his identity.
See you in the ring!

ep 81. Corporate Media LIES!

We are bringing you a really interesting conversation to the show - The Fake News Corporate Media. Corporate Media tries to convince us that they are actually presenting the real news. Today we are going through some historical prove and facts when Corporate Media has created fake news. All that and much more on today's News Rocky Show! Stay in the ring!


ep 80. Will Biden Have the Blue's Back?

Our police have been targeted by the Democrats and Joe Biden for years, by making and changing the policies that affect our police.
On today's show, we are going to talk about that policies and if Joe Biden is going to defund the police.
Tune in!

ep 79. The Comparison of Donald to Joe

In today's episode, we are going to compare two inauguration events - Donald Trump's and Joe Biden's.
Also, we are going through a serious question - where are we going, since Joe Biden already changed some policies.
Let's get down and dirty in the ring with News Rocky talking about the difference between Trump and Biden.

ep 78. Breaking Down Biden's Presidential Platform

The new 46th President of America is all sworn and ready to go!
Today we are talking about what Joe Biden did on his first day as a President and about the priorities of Joe Biden and his administration.
We, the people of America, should pay attention!
Get in the ring with News Rocky!

ep 77. The Current State of Media and Censorship

Today we are going to talk about the topic that we should all be concerned about.
Are you worried about censorship?
Are you worried about being suppressed?
Are you worry about being heard?
Are you worried about your vote?
Let's get in the ring with censorship and how it affects every one of us.

ep 76. Democrats Take Control!

Today is a big day! It is inauguration day in downtown Washington, DC. Everything is going wild there. The Democrats are taking control of Congress, The Senate, and The White House!
Tune in with us today, we are going to talk about the democratic control across the board, what that means for America, what that means for you.
Get in the ring with News Rocky today!


ep 75. 45 Points About The 45th President

On today's show, we are talking about the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.
We are going through the last four years - how he has been treated, how he has been managing this country, and policies that he had changed.
Is Camala Harris our new President?
Is Joe Biden's administration going to change drastically the policies that Trump established?
Tune in and let's drill into it!

ep 74. Manic Monday with News Rocky!

News Rocky with a panel discussion - Who's to blame - protest vs. riots
Today's special guests - D'Juan Eastman, Kurt Erickson and Mark Marcy! We are going through recent events in Washington, DC, also on the movement Black Lives Matter, and much more. All of these three gentlemen are not agreed with me, so check out our discussion, it was quite interesting!

ep 73. In Your Corner - Sosa versus Jefferson Hospital

Tracy Sosa, who was a nurse in Jefferson Hospital, New Jersey, serving during the COVID pandemic, is our special guest today! We talked with Tracy about things that have happened during the pandemic
Today's story is about how corporates administrations handle situations and how they don't always handle them in the same way.
Tracy has a pending case with a lawsuit against the hospital for termination.
Take a listen to this interesting interview!

ep 72. A Chat with Bob Stefanowski

We have a special guest on today's show - Bob Stefanowski, who was the Republican Party nominee for Governor of Connecticut in 2018.
With his wife Amy, Bob Stefanowski successfully led Masks for Heroes and Masks for CT, twin programs that procured and distributed 1.2 million masks for health care professionals, essential workers, and anyone in Connecticut who needed them.
We talked with Bob about that and many other things today, take a listen to this great interview!

ep 71. News Rocky- the Real McCoy! Recounting the political events since 2016

Today's show is going to be the Real McCoy!
We are getting into a number one subject, is Donald Trump is going to be impeached and why?
We are going backward all the way to the year 2016 and we are commenting on the things that have happened in Washington DC and across the country.
I believe that we all going to agree on a lot of facts, never mind if you are a Republican or a Democrat.
Check it out!


ep 70. Media and Mental Health

In today's show, we talked about media and mental health and how media can affect the mental health of our society.
Special guests and contributors: John Duka, a former parol officer of the state of Connecticut, who had worked in the mental health field and still continues to do that in the private sector, and Tariko Satterfield, a local activist.
Check it out!

ep 69. Who's To Blame??!! A Chat with Protestors

News Rocky with a panel discussion - Who's to blame - protest vs. riots
Today's special guests - D'Juan Eastman, Kurt Erickson and Mark Marcy! We are going through recent events in Washington, DC, also on the movement Black Lives Matter, and much more. All of these three gentlemen are not agreed with me, so check out our discussion, it was quite interesting!

ep 68. Back the Blue - Police Opposition Leader talks to News Rocky

Back the Blue day, and we have D'Juan Eastman (Garland D'Juan Eastman) c.e.o and co-owner at Citizens Opposed to the Police States, a self-proclaimed activist, and agitator against a police state.Check it out!

ep 67. Trump Rally In Washinton DC

Today is a very exciting day across this country - people are gathering in Washington DC and they are storming The Capitol! We have people on the line tuning in from Washington DC live and telling us their experiences from the hot spot!Check it out!

ep 66. Conspiracy, Pizza and Corruption

On today's News Rocky show, we have a very special guest - Gordon Videll, a famous attorney from the city of New London, Connecticut. This guy knows more about the dirty dark secrets of everybody playing the game out there in the world today. We talked about Epstein, the Clintons, and all that happens behind the scenes, and I can tell you, guys, every time that Gordon talks, he is usually right! Check out why!


ep 65. Capitol Hill Riots

News Rocky is reporting about activity that is going on in Washington, DC - The Capitol has been stormed by the protestors who support Donald Trump. We have Lori Hopkins Cavanagh on the line who is on the spot of happenings.
Check it out

ep 64. New London Port Authority Battle

On today's show, we are covering this burning topic over the last year - New London Port Authority Battle - we had three special guests on this matter - Kevin Blacker, Pete Olsen, and Steven Farrelly.
Check it out!

ep 63. Who’s Side Are You On?

We are ready to get down and dirty with hot topics!
On today’s show, we are commenting on a joint statement from senators Cruz and others, another prison inmate dies of COVID-19 complications, if the COVID-19 wiped out flu cases down 98% globally, if COVID vaccination causes infertility in woman, ‘Amen and awomen’: Congressman ends opening prayer in an interesting fashion, is Donald Trump an outgoing president or not and much more!

ep 62. State Update from State Representative Anne Dauphinais

On today’s show, we had a very special guest - Anne Dauphinais, State Representative on her third term in the 44th District, Connecticut. We went through some hot political and state topics, such as:
- Should we wear masks? Do they protect us?
- Are the COVID numbers real or not?
- Is the COVID19 just the new flu?
- Should we get the vaccine?
- Do vaccines have chips in them?
- Do we REALLY have a choice?
And much more!
Check out this great and inspiring interview!

ep 61. 2020 News And Fake News In Review With The One and Only - Lori Hopkins Cavanagh

On today’s show, we are doing a recap of the year 2020 with my amazing guest - Lori Hopkins Cavanagh. We were talking about how the world has changed during this craziest year of all. We talked about Senators in DC who are making a big decision about stimulation check, we talked about lockdowns as a number 1 story in this year, about the death of Jeffrey Epstein, about the people that President Trump pardoned, about the impact of George Floyd’s case and much more.


ep 60. In the Ring with Pelosi and Trump!

Fighting fake news of the day! In this episode, we are going to go through a lot of topics - The “love affair” between Donald Trump and Nensi Pelosi, the COVID relief package, we are going to talk about all the things that Donald Trump did and much more. Check it out!

ep 59. The Knockout Before Christmas!

In today’s episode, we talk about the Corona relief bill, Hunter Biden’s issues, and much more!
Drilling down the fake news of the day!

ep 58. Politics, Pundits and Protesters! Special guest: Kurt Erickson

In this episode, we have a special guest - Kurt Erickson, representative of the “Cop” program, from West Haven, Connecticut, who was injured in an incident that took place down in West Haven while he was being arrested.
We had some very important conversation, check us out!

ep 57. 2nd Round KO with News Rocky

In this episode, we talk about the effect of COVID and political effects on mental health.
Going through some fake news and news of the day:
- Respectful lawyer Sidney Powell gets the name of “conspiracy theory” lawyer just because she represents Donald Trump.
- Trump’s talk of martial law sends White House staffers rushing to the press
- Americans need to “wake up” about China’s plans to “dominate the world,” says former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley
- Barr says he has ‘no plan’ to appoint election and much more.

ep 56. Back The Blue Friday with Elizabeth Quidgeon

Day after a big snowstorm we talk all things blue with my special guest Elizabeth Quidgeon of Back the Blue. Check us out!


ep 55. It’s My Birthday and We’re Snowed in!

A quick review of this week on my snowy birthday!

ep 54. Trow In the Towel Folks!

On today’s show, we talk about Biden/Trump transition; President turns on Mitch McConnel, and much more! Fighting fake news of the day! Check us out!

ep 53. COVID Real or Fake News? Interview with Lori Hopkins-Cavanaugh

On today’s News Rocky Show we have special guest Lori Hopkins-Cavanaugh, Norwich resident
and founder of The American Liberty Center who attempted to hold the Open CT protest in the parking lot
of the Senator Thomas J. Dodd Memorial Stadium from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. this past Saturday. News Rocky covered
this event and will drill down on COVID-19 restrictions on the economy and public health.
Check it out!

ep 52. 1st Round KO with Kevin Skulczyck

Today is eight years from one of the biggest tragedies in Connecticut - Sandy Hook Elementary School Anniversary.What is going on in Washington DC?
Commenting on the weekend news and fighting the fake news of the day!
Check it out!

ep 51. Make Them Pay with News Rocky!

In this episode, we are going to talk about all that is going across the wire :
- Democratic Michigan State Representative’s viral video - “Make them pay”
- Federal criminal investigation into Hunter Biden focuses on his business dealings in China
- Corporate Media... and much more!
Check it out!


ep 50. Drilling Down the Fake News

Going through the articles of the day:
- Michael Flynn judge says pardon doesn’t mean ex-national security adviser is innocent
- China is going to be the dominant force of the world by 2035?
- Biden's Pentagon pick...
... and much more!
Check it out!

ep 49. Interview with the CEO of New England Hemp Farm - Brian Edmonds

Great talk with a special guest - the CEO of New England Hemp Farm - Brian Edmonds. Going through some news in this industry and all the good stuff that this company is doing in our country.

ep 48. Real News and Fake News Monday

News Rocky is dealing with real news and fake news of the day.
Talk about presidential issues that are still going on.
Commenting on the bill about decriminalize marijuana on the Federal level and much more.

ep 47. Back The Blue Friday Show with Officer O'Connell

We had Officer O’Connell of the Norwich Police Dept.
Talking about all the great community projects this PD is doing.

ep 46. Special Episode of News Rocky with longtime friend Rollins

Special episode with a special guest! Check out which great stories we prepared for you!


ep 45. Great show with Michael Aliano

Great Show with Michael Aliano – President/CEO American Ambulance in Norwich CT
We will be talking about the current Covid situation with his industry and more.

ep 44. Amazing talk with Tom Cantone

Don’t miss our special guest Tom Cantone, the Senior President of Sports & Entertainment for Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment (MGE).
Tom Cantone oversees all properties including Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut since 2007.
Prior to Mohegan Sun, Cantone held senior management marketing positions at Foxwoods Resort and Casino, Sands Hotel & Casino, Hershey Entertainment & Resort Co., Hollywood Casino, and various Trump properties.
He brings over 25 years of experience to his new role and is a graduate of Penn State University.

ep 43. Great talk with Phil Michel

In the studio - Phil Michel. A local talent discussing and future leader
Topics include Phil’s career in the entertainment world and his perspective on current events. We will drill into some fake news and lots more... Check it out!

ep 42. Back the Blue Friday with Maria Nott

Ok kids, it’s Back the blue Friday. We will be talking news, fake news, and back the blue with Maria Nott of Back The Blue South Eastern CT. Enjoy!

ep 41. Thanksgiving Day Special

Thanksgivings that we use to have in past and Thanksgiving in COVID times


ep 40. Are these current COVID measures made to protect us?

COVID is real, no doubt. But, are these current measures suitable to protect us?
What if this virus is made on purpose? Is the COVID just a tool for bioterrorism?
Let's talk!

ep 39. Rainy Monday with Barbara Crouch

We had a wonderful talk with Barbara Crouch, Director of Finance at Noank Community Support Services and a 2016 Republican candidate for District 19 of the Connecticut State Senate.

ep 38. Back the Blue Friday

It’s Back the Blue Friday and it’s time to get in the ring with News Rocky
On today’s show, we will discuss the biggest story’s of the day. We are investigating claims of Russian need hair dye
Special guest today Angela Adams of the Norwich chamber of commerce also Marie Nott Back the blue Southeastern Connecticut.

ep 37. Turn on the election and the rememberable year 2020.

Who's gonna be the next president? Is the agenda-driven politics that takes place in Washington DC all about the control and not about the people?

ep 36. Interview with Victoria Schroeder

Great interview with Victoria Schroeder, part of the Arruda Real Estate Associates


ep 35. Real Talk with Jason Vincent

Today on the first official episode of News Rocky we talk with Developer and Entrepreneur, Jason Vincent.

ep 34. Fake News On The Ropes! Special Guests: Gordon Videll, Suki, Ernestine Holloway

Talking about fake news of the day
Looking at the Biden Presidency
Special guests - Gordon Videll, attorney; Suki - local entrepreneur, Ernestine Holloway Independent Party and Republican Party candidate for election to the Connecticut House of Representatives to represent District 82.

ep 33. Creepy Friday The 13th of 2020. Special guests: Dawn Mattos, Greg Howard, Maria Nott and Dr. Kendra

45th President of the USA is fighting for his right to be heard in Court.
Special guests Dawn Mattos, Greg Howard, State Representative, Maria Nott from Back the Blue, and Dr. Kendra Justice, we talk about elections and what is going on with COVID in the country and its impact on the elections
and much more.

ep 32. Great Crew With News Rocky - J.R. Romano, Rob Dempsky, Deb Fletcher, and Lauren Gauthier

Commenting on the tweet of Ronald Klain from 2014. that the elections are rigged, Bernie Sanders’s interest in being a Labor Secretary, the election process, and the results are still a mystery and much more.
Special guests - J.R. Romano, Republican State Chairmen in Connecticut, Rob Dempsky State Republican Party Chairmen in Norwich, Connecticut, Deb Fletcher, and Lauren Gauthier, Republican candidate for Connecticut House of Representatives to represent District 40.
Great show, check it out!

ep 31. Veterans Day with News Rocky! Special Guest: Kevin Brown

Today’s show is in the Veterans Day spirit!
Special guests: Kevin Brown, a retired colonel and chairman of Mohegan Sun, and few more veterans. We talk about how much his service to our County is important and about the issues that veterans face. Thank you for your service!


ep 30. Seven Days Later. Special guest - Barbara Richardson Crouch

Seven days later and we are still wondering what is next. Tune in as we breakdown what we know and give some predictions on where we are going.Special guest - Barbara Richardson Crouch

ep 29. Fighting Fake News with My 11 Years Old Guest!

Had some serious conversation about the COVID situation and election with my little guest!
He is amazing! Check us out!

ep 28. Breaking Down the Fake News with Kevin Skulczyck!

On today’s show, we talk about the election and a Biden/Harris America.
Listening to fake news, people explaining why it’s time to move on. Wondering if this would be the same position
if the shoe was on another foot. Blinded by hate is the underlining issue and yet it’s ok to suggest that Donald
Trump is the problem. Think about it, folks, the Corporate Media and political insiders working together because
they can.

ep 27. Get in the Ring with News Rocky! Friday Show! Great guest: Peter Helms

First Friday after the election. Taking on fake news with Kevin Skulczyck and Peter Helms, owner of Helms Media Group
Has Donald Trump lost the elections and the election conspiracy on the menu today.
Check it out!

ep 26. The Craziness of The 2020 Election with News Rocky

Kevin Skulczyck and Ray Bones from the new amazing Pie Hops studio!
Commenting and recapping over the election. Close race, who is going to be a winner?
Call-In: State Representative of 44th District - Ann Dauphinais and Chris Nott, co-host of DuNott Sports Show
Taking on the fake news and more.
Check it out!


ep 25. Day After - News Rocky First Time from New Studio

News Rocky live from amazing new Pie Hops Studio!
Day after elections - we summarize the impressions and commenting on election irregularities.

ep 24. 2020 Election Day Special with News Rocky

Finally, Election Day, people!
Ray Bones in the studio as co-host!
Call-In: Scott Freyer (Just a Guy With The Beer podcast host); Brian Lanoue (45th district state representative);
Lauren Gauthier (State Representative candidate, Groton); Kat Goulart (State Representative candidate, New
London), and John Board.
Talking about the news of the day, fake news, and everything else

ep 23. Breaking Down the Fake News! Special guests: Caleb Espinosa, Heather Somers and Ernestine Holloway

Today on the News Rocky Show - breaking down the fake news of the day!
We are a day away from the elections and we have some special guests from the campaign trail:
- State Representative candidate Caleb Espinosa
- Senator Heather Somers with an update from the campaign
- State Representative candidate Ernestine Holloway
Check it out!

ep 22. It’s Time For The SHOW! Kevin Skulczyck and Ray Bones On a Rant! Special Guest - JR Romano

We have a huge announcement this Friday!Fighting fake news with my today’s co-host Ray Bones from DuNott Sports! The elections are around the corner!Call-In: JR RomanoCheck it out!

ep 21. She’s In Good Shape For The Shape She’s In! Special guests: Maria Nott and Peter Helms

Do you love your flag? Do you love your country? Do you appreciate the greatest country on
earth where you live?
Fighting fake news of the day!
Call-In: Maria Nott founder of Back the Blue, Eastern Connecticut, and Peter Helms, owner of Helms Media Group - great news coming up from Helms Media Group.


ep 20. Let’s Fight Fake News From the Bunker!

The elections are less than a week away! Is Biden tired of the campaign? We talk about Hunter
Biden’s issues and much more!

ep 19. News Rocky, Ray Bones and Chris Nott from the Bunker! Special guest - John Board

Taking down the fake news with my today’s co-hosts, Ray Bones and Chris Nott from DuNott
Sports show!
Special guest - John Board - over the last decade John has worked in the political arena at every level - from
presidential to municipal. John continues to study, testify, and advocate on various policies at the Connecticut
General Assembly since 2010.

ep 18. News Rocky with Ray Bones Talking Fake News!

One week before the elections, guys!
We have Ray Bones (DuNott Sports host) as a co-host today! Talking fake news and real news of the day!

ep 17. Fighting Fake News with News Rocky Friday! Special guest - Amy Stefanowski

Fighting fake news of the day!
Special guest - Amy Stefanowski - talking about her action with “Masks for heroes”!

ep 16. Coming Soon

Coming soon


ep 15. Taking Down the Fake News with News Rocky! Great guest - Melissa Collins

DESCRIPTION: Today we talk about the CNN reporter who is been caught in a compromising position and how CNN used to be media that you watch or read when you wanted facts, unlike today. Commenting on the statements that Donald Trump is a racist and much more.
Great guest - Melissa Collins, entrepreneur.
Check out her great story!

ep 14. Rock & Roll with News Rocky! Special guest - Kathleen Stauffer

Today we are commenting on the upcoming debates - the Presidential one - Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden and the Senatorial Debate between Heather Somers and Bob Statchen. Special guest: Kathleen Stauffer CEO Of the nonprofit the arc of New London county. Tune in for a big News Rocky show!

ep 13. Coming Soon

Coming Soon

ep 12. Just a News Rocky with a beer! Great guests: Scott Freyer and Maria Nott

Fighting fake news, commenting on a real with Scott Freyer - host of the “Just a guy with a beer” podcast.
Call in - Maria Nott from Back The Blue.

ep 11. Cool Thursday with News Rocky! Special guests: Steve Weir and Peter Szymonik

We are commenting on the fake and real news of the day: Joe Biden’s son as really big news, Trump is getting back to his campaign, and much more.
Today’s great guests:
- Peter Szymonik - civil rights and Constitutional rights autism advocate activist in Hartford
- Steve Weir - Republican Candidate for Senate in 119th District, Connecticut


ep 10. Get in the Ring with News Rocky! Great guests - Adam Bowles and Dawn Nieto Mattos

Today’s Lineup - Adam Bowles - sort of a local legend, author of the book “One Square Mile”, a former newspaper reporter, currently a pastor in a Castle Church of Norwich and Dawn Nieto Mattos - Insurance professional at Quintal Agency. Hear about the stories of these great people!

ep 9. News Rocky Tuesday - Special Guests - Caleb Espinosa and Nicole Lee

Fighting fake and stupid news of the day!
We had a special guest - Caleb Espinosa - Republican Candidate for the State Representative for 139th district.
Check out this incredible young man and his story.
Call in - Nicole Lee, great entrepreneur.

ep 8. Columbus Day with News Rocky!

Commenting on the hearings of the Supreme Court Judge, a Controversial statement by the vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris, Donald Trump’s interview with Dr. Siegel about his experience with COVID-19, and much more.

ep 7. News Rocky Friday - Special guests - Kat Goulart and Peter Helms

News Rocky Friday - Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden
Why did Joe Biden leave the presidential race 33 years ago?
We had Scott Freyer tuning in.
Special guests - Kat Goulart - Republican Party candidate for the District 39, Connecticut and Peter Helms - the owner of Ideal Solutions and Helms Media Group

ep 6. The Fly Incident

Commenting on the Vice President debate, Camila Harris vs Mike Pence, commenting on the fly incident during the debate, and much more.


ep 5. Fighting fake news of the day! Special guest - Kosta Lanis

In this episode we are commenting on the upcoming Vice Presidental Debate, President Trump got out of the hospital and fighting fake news of the day! Special Guest - Kosta Lanis, founder of Nature’s Element CBD

ep 4. Interview with Senator Heather Somers

Great interview with Senator Heather Somers about upcoming elections. Fighting much fake news of the day!

ep 3. News Rocky - First Monday

Rocking fake news of the day. Donald and Melania Trump got COVID and much more. Check it out!

ep 2. News Rocky with great Helms Media Group crew

Great guests in the studio today - Peter Helms, owner of Ideal Solutions Consulting and Helms Media Group; Ray Dupointe and Chris Nott - hosts of DuNott Sports podcast! We talked about great plans and ideas, and some burning political and sports subjects.

ep 1. News Rocky First Episode

The very first episode of the News Rocky Show!

About News Rocky

News Rocky is also known as Kevin Alan Skulczyck, born December 17, 1969.
Kevin has two children, his son Jacob 24, and his daughter Taylor 21. Out of everything he's ever done, Kevin says his favorite job is being a Dad.
Kevin is a 1988 graduate of Montville High located in Montville CT. At age 19 Kevin joined the CT National Guard and graduated from Fort Benning GA.

Kevin Attended Mohegan Community College as well as Eastern CT State University with a focus in liberal arts.

Kevin held a variety of positions while serving as a C.O., including investigator and a prestigious Sargeant position in the Community.


Favorite quote

"It’s only the fear of failingthat can prevent your success."


More About Kevin aka News Rocky

In 1992 Kevin attended the Department of Corrections Academy. Kevin started his career at JB Gates Corecctional Institution and then moved to Corrigan Correctional Center.
Kevin held a variety of positions while serving as a C.O., including investigator and a prestigious Sargeant position in the Community.
Kevin was employed as a CT correctional professional until his retirement in 2012.
In 2013, Kevin ran for the position of Griswold First Selectman in the town of Griswold
He served a total of 4 years as the Chief Executive Officer and was known as a maverick with social issues and economic development projects. This job was a dream come true, he loved serving his community.
In 2016 Kevin was elected as the 45th House Representative in the CT General Assembly where he served for one term.
Kevin opened a bar in 2017 and named it Pub 45. He took a run-down commercial space and renovated it into an old-style downtown pub. He sold that business shortly before he became a partner in a startup agricultural business named Field of Tranquility. Field of Tranquility grew 40 acres of Hemp in Plainfield CT, the single largest hemp growth to date in the state of Connecticut. Kevin managed this project that employed over 86 employees, and currently holds a position in the industry where he continues to consult and help develop new hemp-based businesses.
Through the years Kevin has become a social-media star with his public rants and has been a contributor on several local radio stations.
In late 2019 Kevin started working with a producer to develop a podcast style talk show. After testing several concepts Kevin signed a deal with Helms Media Group and News Rocky was born. After several months of development, the show launched in 2020 and News Rocky's audience has been growing at an exponential rate. Moving into 2021 News Rocky plans to take on the nation and then the world as the show continues to grow and evolve, adding more platforms for fans to access the show on.

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